Friday 3 June 2011

How the Syrian opposition charges its batteries?

This morning's NPR World Story of the Day discusses the attempts to organise Syria's opposition movement. The activist groups face ongoing challenges ranging from military attacks to power cuts. How can you organise resistance when you can't charge your phone?

"For example, Blackberry. We have a glass of water and two Duracell battery. We put it for one hour in this glass, then we use the USB and we put it just in the water. And it's... that gives us two hours or three hours charge to talk."

Original here.

Obviously I have no idea how this is supposed to work, and it's quite possible that it's just a language issue. If people really are promulgating this as a way to recharge their phones, interested in finding out whether this is a popular meme in Syria, or in activist groups in general. (It does not appear to be.)


None said...

You strip the wires on the Type-A (PC side) of the USB cable and immerse each end in water. Google USB batteries immerse water and click on the metacafe-hosted video to see it.

Alex said...

That can't really work, though. You need a different chemical potential at each wire to have a current, and if they're both in the same liquid then by definition there's no difference in the potential. It's like trying to run a water wheel in a still lake.