Saturday 3 January 2009

Rookie footballer to be turned into one-man "clone" of greatest living footballers

So, I'm reading the Daily Record in the barber shop, and I come across this (which admittedly loses some of its impact with the omission of the print version's diagrams). Arton Baleci is being (self-)trained in the techniques of eleven elite footballers, given state-of-the-art visual acuity training, and subjected to a regime of neuro-linguistic programming (that's a whole other rant), to create a "clone" combining the capabilities of the greatest football players of our time. Does that sound familiar to anyone? What dark powers could be bankrolling his training?

("The Beautiful Aim", the website for Baleci's project. My advice is that if anybody offers him anything involving nanomachines, he should decline politely.)

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VariousVarieties said...

Oh man. Probably the first reference to Hurricanes I've ever come across on the internet, and it turns out to be this blog, of all places!